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Home for Young Chef's ​

Solidarity Kitchen

Initiative managed from Nuevo Futuro Tenerife

About this Project

This innovative project is an initiative managed by Nuevo Futuro Tenerife and with the direct collaboration of the "Bodegón El Caserío" Restaurant and Jordys González (Mentor), aimed at providing a training opportunity in the field of hospitality and cooking to young people in situations vulnerability and social exclusion.

The purpose is to provide residential care, support and specialized training in the workplace to young people who have been taken care of at risk of social exclusion that will allow them to obtain qualified training to be able to develop a profession where they achieve full autonomy and manage to integrate into a normalizing context by promoting their social inclusion.

Business Insight and strategic vision..

Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful


Collaborate and be part of the project

Financial Contributions: We invite you to consider a financial contribution from your companies. Every contribution, regardless of size, will be a crucial step toward building a promising future for these young people.

With just a contribution we not only help promote this great project, but we also obtain a tax benefit.


THANKS TO: Integra Tecnología y Comunicación de Canarias SL, Vanessa Quintana Mulet, Candelaria, MORRO TABARES, SL (Fijaciones Canarias),David Deniz Plaza, Maria De Los Reyes Acuña Hernandez, Pilar Valerio Diaz, Nieves Acuña Hernández, María Isabel Reyes Neflin, Alejandro Gonzalez Perez, Carlos Galvan, Soraya Yanes García, Paolo Contino, Victor Manuel Afonso Pérez, Daniel Herrera Rodríguez, Aliana Rodriguez Alonso, Carmen Gloria Lorenzo Gonzalez, DPAZCAntonio Manuel De Paz Noriega,

María Teresa Acosta Tejera, Juan Pascual, Juan José M. González, Asoc. Instituto Canario Animación Social – ICAS, Rest. El Cine - Juan Carlos Magdalena Medina, Yurena Rodríguez, Fabrizio Mas, José Mª Gómez Castro, Daniel José Barrios Gracia, Tania Gonzalez, Sandra Martín Barrios, Condor Tecs SL, Carlos J Gonzalez Oliva, Arthectonica Arthe S.A., Yballa Martin (Mar y Ram, SL), Fred. Olsen S.A, Ariadna Marcelo Pineda, Gabriel, Emilio Fumero Cabrera, Ana Velázquez Hernández, Luis José Gómez Iglesias, Miguel Angel Díaz Hernández, Alfonso Roque Marrero, Workman Arquitectura Ingeniería y Construcción SL, Francisco J. Gaztelua, Muchainformática SLU, Gustavo Adolfo Riveiro Sueiro, GomermediI SL, Colegio Oficial de Farmaceúticos de Tenerife


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