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Institutional Information

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Updated 20/02/24


Nuevo Futuro Tenerife is a Private, non-profit Associative Entity that began its work in TENERIFE in 1994 whose objective is to address the needs of inequality, especially the reception of families, mothers, young people, boys and girls, who derived from the Public Administration require special attention due to their socio-family situation.

Legally constituted since the date of registration, February 15, 1995, in the Registry of Associations of the Canary Islands with number G1/S1/11127-95 TF, funded since then for purposes of social interest, as stated in its Statutes. Being Registered in the Regional Registry of Collaborating Entities in the provision of social services according to Decree 63/1986 of April 4 with the number TF/SC/01/325

Founded: 1994

Registration Date: 02/15/1995

Num. Reg. Canary Islands Associations: G1/S1/11127-95 TF

Num. Reg. Regional Collaborating Entities: TF/SC/01/325

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Updated 20/02/24

Nuevo Futuro Tenerife as an Association is regulated by:

Our Statutes are the rules by which Nuevo Futuro is governed and approved by the associated people.

Information about the Transparency page

The Nuevo Futuro Tenerife Association follows and applies the following transparency criteria and standards indicated in our Transparency Protocol. Any person associated with the entity can request information in person at the headquarters located at C/ Puerto Escondido, 1- 3rd Floor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or through our mailbox or our email

Transparency Commissioner Citizens have the right to complain to the Transparency Commissioner in the event that they are not granted access to the information requested from our Association. Here you can find the information Request Form (pdf) and the Complaint Form (pdf) .


You can call us: +34 922 200 211 or use our contact form.