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Emancipation Homes

Attention to Vulnerable Groups

Foster Homes for Mothers

Multifunctional Inclusion Center

Homes for Families

Convice and Employ

Families in a Situation of Social Emergency in La Palma

Emancipation Homes

Buzanada Home - San Lorenzo Home - San Fernando Home - La Candelaria Home

Originally, the Homes are designed to accommodate five or six young people, aged between 18 and 25 years. An educator, educational assistant and the Project Director are in charge of accompanying the young people in a comprehensive way, providing them with the necessary support to integrate the difficulties and potentialities in the development of their personal autonomy process and their process. maturational biological.

The purpose of the emancipation home is to accompany young people in their emancipation project, guaranteeing a socio-educational process that makes it possible. For this, educational/pedagogical tools are used such as individualized tutoring and emotional self-management techniques. Different phases mark the different educational objectives from the moment a young person enters the home until the end of their stay. ​

The specific objectives pursued by the project are to guide, advise and accompany young people towards their autonomy; enhance and promote personal capabilities as well as the skills that will lead them towards full autonomy and personal fulfillment, ultimately helping the young person in the creation of their life project.

Attention to Groups

Promotion of Promotion and Social Integration

Nuevo Futuro Tenerife participates in solving the specific difficulties of families and people in social exclusion or vulnerability, who occasionally need an economic contribution to solve their basic consumption needs and current expenses, in a way that allows them a boost in improving their economic and social situation.

By covering the expenses of support personnel, current expenses and operating expenses derived from social assistance to vulnerable people and groups or those at risk of social exclusion, we contribute to improving our projects and reaching other users other than those we They are welcomed into our homes.

Foster Homes for Mothers

Home San Antonio - Home San José

Nuevo Futuro Tenerife welcomes the Homes, after assessing the respective particular situation and following the established procedures to access it, providing the services of: temporary accommodation and protection, psychosocial support, accompaniment, guidance and advice, in coordination with municipal resources. from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The objective is to consolidate, as soon as possible, their possibilities and training for autonomous living.

Green house

Multifunctional Inclusion Center

Our Casa Verde center opened its doors to guarantee a meeting point to promote inclusion and diversity above all


Nuevo Futuro Tenerife consolidates its inclusion project with the Casa Verde Multifunctional Center.


"The green house" is a space for integration and social inclusion, which generates meeting points or spaces where you have the opportunity to share knowledge and talents.


The objective of this project is to promote personal, professional, social and leisure qualifications and training. In addition to promoting the achievement of individual objectives, the autonomy and comprehensive development of people through the generation and facilitation of inclusive spaces with various training and activities for all audiences.

Home for Families in situations of social vulnerability. ​

San Nicolás Home -Argüal Home

The Nuevo Futuro Tenerife Association launches this Project in 2020. ​

Its purpose is to provide a temporary care residence space, of a preventive nature, to the coexistence units hosted in coordination with the social services of the La Orotava City Council, favoring insertion and socio-labor integration, promoting equality in situations of risk of marginalization, and enhancing marital and/or parenting skills.

The launch of this project, which consists of the opening of a home in the municipality of La Orotava, aims to address different fronts of social interest: on the one hand, to provide families with vulnerable dependent minors with a temporary home. insurance in which its integrity would be safeguarded; on the other hand, enhance the necessary skills in terms of searching and obtaining employment and housing, strengthening the autonomy of family units.

In 2022 we have opened a new Home in Los Llanos de Aridane, on the Island of La Palma with which we consolidate our presence in the smaller Islands, mainly addressing the difficulties of families in vulnerable situations and people affected by the Volcano of The Palm.

Live together and Employ

Nuevo Futuro Tenerife is working on this new Project so that it can soon be a reality ​

NUEVO FUTURO TENERIFE, as an entity committed to the social difficulties of our community, continues its work in promoting effective measures at the service of those who need it most to improve their quality of life.

We propose the creation of a new model of intergenerational coexistence, where we can make use of the experience of our elders together with young people who temporarily need a space to develop skills and complete their process of autonomy and independence, with the supervision of a technical team.

To respond to this, the collaboration project between generations "Coexist and Emplea de Nuevo Futuro" emerged, based on the concept of "Intergenerational Coexistence", in which two groups of the population with such different ages as the young and the elderly They help each other, support each other and show solidarity. We believe this type of coexistence should serve as a reference and quality model.

Nuevo Futuro Tenerife proposes to create intergenerational coexistence centers, “COHOUSING”, that serve as support and reference to meet the specific objectives of socio-labor insertion for young people and person-centered gerontological care, with the active monitoring of professionals, who act as referents, facilitators, supervisors and mediators of coexistence, thus responding to decree 154/2015 of dependency in the Canary Islands for its special accommodation modality.

Since 2022

Families in a Situation of Social Emergency on the island of La Palma

The Nuevo Futuro Association has launched on the island of La Palma during 2022, the project “ATTENTION TO FAMILIES IN A SITUATION OF EMERGENCY OR SOCIAL VULNERABILITY” with financing from the Hon. Island Council of La Palma through the Subsidies intended for Associations, Foundations, Organizations, Federation of associations, Institutions and other non-profit entities that carry out social projects for the benefit of people affected by the volcanic eruption.

In this project we offer comprehensive care to families who are in an emergency or social vulnerability situation affected by the eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma, who need periodic support, food help, prospecting in search of employment or housing.

The objective is to reduce the degree of vulnerability by generating changes and transforming unfavorable conditions through equal opportunities and personal empowerment.


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