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We need you

We need to have the collaboration of committed entities that wish to contribute to improving the lives of these people: minors, young people, mothers, families, people in vulnerable situations, among others. Any type of collaboration is of great importance to us. It is essential to establish solid alliances with the private sector to make our dream come true: Transform life. There are different projects open to financing for Companies and SMEs.

We are also pleased to inform collaborating companies that their financial contributions will not only benefit our Community, but they may also obtain significant tax benefits according to current regulations (40%), which makes their contribution even more impactful.

Boost your CSR strategy

Creamos alianzas de colaboración con los principios de RSC de cada firma.

Meet the SDGs

De tu éxito y esfuerzo se pueden beneficiar toda la sociedad.

40% tax deduction

Donando 2 años seguidos. 35% los dos primeros años

Collaboration Alliances

We create collaborative alliances, adapting the CSR business principles that each firm pursues to comply with the different ODS. in which we work daily such as: ending poverty (1), guaranteeing a healthy life and promoting well-being (3), having quality education (4), promoting economic growth (8), reducing inequalities (10), work for peace and justice (16), as well as establish alliances to achieve our objectives (17).


You can call us: +34 922 200 211 or use our contact form.