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Organizational Information

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Mission and vision

Our mission is to educate minors and young people deprived of a family environment in an environment with ideal conditions where they can live and develop fully.

Our vision is to be the leading organization in Spain for the development of Homes for minors and young people lacking a family environment, with recognized prestige in the public and private sectors.


  • Dignity of people. Empowerment of people with their rights and freedoms.
  • Solidarity: Create opportunities for the most disadvantaged people.
  • Responsibility: Commitments to people and new actions.
  • Improvement: Effort to improve and respond to all changes and all new needs.
  • Quality: Efficiency and optimization of our daily work.

We promote inalienable and essential values for people

  • Stability: Stable and quality employment.
  • Equal opportunities: We guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on sex, age, religion, race or personal situation.
  • Equal pay: Same remuneration in positions of similar category.
  • Professional development: Training plan given to all workers.
  • Reconciliation of personal, family and work life.
  • Transparency and participation: Nuevo Futuro Tenerife internally shares its objectives and results in each project.
The generic regulation that regulates the contractual relationship between an employed employee and an employer is the workers’ statute.

The specific regulations that regulate the labor aspects of our Nuevo Futuro Tenerife Association are: IV State Agreement on Youth Reform and Protection of Minors.

Organization chart

Updated 08/02/22

Government body

Updated 08/02/22


You can call us: +34 922 200 211 or use our contact form.